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A series of supported floor-based postures to promote deep rest, by candlelight.

This class includes guided relaxation, breathwork, and silent meditation intended to replenish the body, mind, and soul.

A nourishing class to promote grounding and healing through slow flow and restorative postures. Class ends with Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation to support body and mind relaxation and restoration.

An intentional blend of vinyasa and Yin yoga, offered through postures and movement focused on strength, stability, and mobility and ends with Yin to stretch, rest, and restore.

Slow Flow/



Candlelight Yin/Restorative

A nourishing class to promote grounding and healing through joint releasing movement, a slow flow, and restorative postures. Class includes breathwork and meditation.

Mellow Flow

A slow and grounding flow to unwind tension, followed by restorative/yin postures to replenish the nervous system.

Flow & Restore

Foundations is for those new to yoga or recovering from injury, aging and changing bodies, and for anyone wanting an easeful and gentle class. Class includes accessible stretches, joint releasing movements, review of foundational postures, and ends with 20 minutes of restorative yoga to receive the benefits of deep rest. This class is taught in the style of a workshop, questions are encouraged!


A strong and intentional class focused on strength, balance, and functional movement - all offered mindfully and sustainably. Studio is heated to 82 degrees.


A strength building class that focuses on balance,
flexibility, and mindful movement.  This class may include arm balancing postures and inversions.

Vinyasa 2

This class combines light weights and resistance bands with yoga postures. Please note, this class is offered in-studio ONLY.

Yoga + Strength Training

Upcoming Workshops

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