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Teacher Training

From Earth To Sky: LBY 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

A Training for life and yoga, rooted in the 5 Great Elements.

Our next training begins January 2024.


Now, Yoga Begins.

Yoga is a healing practice and after 5,000+ years it is still potent, relevant, and needed now more than ever. At its core, studying yoga is the study of life and self.


Throughout our time together, you will peal away layers, discover your truth, and learn how to offer your gifts and inner illumination to the world.

*This is a Yoga Alliance approved training.*

What makes our training different?

We offer Yoga as an embodied life practice. While the majority of our training is held at the studio, we will also spend time immersed in the elements.  You will not only learn about Yoga, you will learn to LIVE your Yoga.

Topics included:

  • Yoga history, philosophy, and tradition

  • Compassion practices: mindfulness, living open heartedly, loving and honoring Self

  • Subtle energy: The 5 elements, the chakra system, yin/yang, koshas, kleshas, vayus 

  • Bhakti Yoga: mantra, mudra, chanting, storytelling

  • The life science of Ayurveda: practical applications of ancient wisdom to modern life

  • Taking the seat of a teacher: finding your voice, purposeful and respectful sequencing and cueing

  • Anatomy, Alignment, and Physiology

  • Professional Development: pathways to teaching public and private classes, how to lead workshops, creating a fulfilling career

  • Pranayama & meditation

  • Business and ethics of Yoga

Book Stack

This training will:

  • Deepen your understanding of the 8 limbed path and practices of Yoga

  • Introduce you to the 5 Great Elements, the Maha Bhutas, to guide and support you

  • Teach you yogic philosophy, history, and traditions

  • Offer tools to lead mindful, sustainable, and purposeful yoga classes

  • Provide a knowledge base of Anatomy and Physiology to create a safe practice, including physical/energetic alignment for self and others

  • Awaken you to live a heart and soul centered life


  • Love Bird Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training: $2600

  • Early Bird (pay in full by October 1st): $2400

  • If you have already completed a 200HR Yoga Teacher Training: $1800

  • A non-refundable deposit of $400 is required to reserve your spot; the remaining balance is due by the beginning of training.

  • Payment option: $400 upon registration + 4 additional payments of $550 (Jan 1, Feb 1, March 1, April 1)


Meet Your Guides


Liz Skarvelis

Liz offers this training as the path home to yourself and invites you to bring forth all of you.  Liz's offerings include the teachings of Bhakti Yoga, mudra and mantra, compassion practices, and buckets of realness and love.  Liz encourages you to experience and participate in the growth, healing, and evolution this training offers.


Brooke Coletta

Brooke offers her years of teaching experience and wisdom of the deities - both shared through classes and content embedded into this training.  Brooke is our guide & scholar of the Bhagavad Gita, and leads a mala-making workshop.


Charlotte Fanelli

Charlotte offers the practice of stillness, spaciousness, and quietude through the practice of Yin and Restorative Yoga. Charlotte shares her insight on holding space on the journey inward. Charlotte imbues her knowledge of structural anatomy in leading the Asana Lab and invites you into the physical form of Yoga in a mindful way.

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