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  • T H E | F L O C K

    Our teachers come from a variety of lineages and believe movement, mindfulness, and meditation will indeed change the world.

    Liz Skarvelis, Founder/Owner, E-RYT500, YACEP

    When I stepped onto a yoga mat almost two decades ago, my life was forever changed; for the first time in a long time, I felt at home. Since then, I have studied, practiced, taught, and lived yoga to the best of my ability and from my whole heart. I teach from a relevant and practical foundation while weaving in wisdom teachings that have been handed down to me from my teachers (primarily of Bhakti tradition). I believe in the collective consciousness and also our universal heart and connect to both to teach and guide. I am here to serve the Love Bird community, our sweet town of Redmond, and the world.

    Greg Skarvelis, Founder/Owner, RYT200

    I found the joy of yoga and realized I wanted to share the benefits and experience of yoga with others. As an avid motorcyclist and outdoorsman, I have found practical application of yoga to my life.

    Bridget Howe, Studio Manager, RYT200

    My journey with Yoga started in 2011, when I was in a place of deep disconnection with my body. Developing a practice has led me to finding acceptance (over and over) with my body, self, and difficult experiences over the years. I teach with the mindset that Yoga isn't about "looking" like a Yogi, but LIVING like one. I am to provide students with a safe place to move and grow with compassion, acceptance, & non-judgement. Mental health is one of my passions and I believe yoga aids in developing a healthy mind, body, and soul.

    Brooke Coletta, E-RYT500, YACEP

    I love Yoga because it makes me feel whole. I love that the practice is more than physical, yet it is physically challenging every time you step onto the mat. I strive to teach every student how to experience each posture in a safe, sustainable and intentional way. As a serious student of philosophy and teacher of all of the limbs of Yoga, it is my responsibility to share the ancient but very alive teachings in an authentic and compassionate way.

    Stephanie Salafia, RYT200

    I began my yoga journey in 2013 when I needed something that allowed me to drop in and let go. I had no idea the amount of places in my body that needed to be “un stuck” and immediately felt connected with the practice and loved how it made me feel from the inside out. My intention is to share this practice and hope it gives my students the strength and peace it gives my every time I step on my mat.

    Jaimie Edwards, RYT200

    Yoga has brought me freedom from chronic pain and a desire to live in balance. I strive for effort and ease, with a twist of playfulness, in both life and teaching. As an empathic healer, I rely on intuition when working with students on their healing journey. I am always learning, a forever student, and love to bring new methods and modalities into my classes. In addition to teaching yoga, I also teach Chakra workshops and provide Reiki in our community. I am inspired by Baron Baptiste, Eckhart Tolle, the vibrancy of wildflowers, and the elements of nature.

    Kayla Wright, RYT500

    Yoga found me roughly five years ago during a time of much needed help to move through anxiety, depression and fear. With regular practice, I noticed a lessening of tension, more clarity of mind and a deeper connection to my body. This discovery sparked a never-ending curiosity to explore the ancient teachings further. I teach from a desire to offer anyone who steps onto the mat a safe space to go into the body, into the mind and find their own unique, beautiful connection to Self. Yoga has so much to offer - let the journey begin!

    Larissa Darcy, RYT200

    I fell in love with yoga because it is a constant opportunity to grow and express myself. I'm a runner, hiker, yogi, and cyclist and love to find physical and mental challenges in all things. While I was in college, I completed my teaching training with Core Power Yoga, and was more often found in the yoga studio than in classes! I started teaching yoga in 2013 right after I graduated as I knew that teaching yoga was something I was passionate about sharing with others. I have taught at various studios around the world, and assisted in opening a studio with my husband Kevin, where we focused on yoga, cycling classes, and general wellness. I love pushing the boundaries of my students, and helping each student realize their potential on and off of the mat.

    Heather Kulikowsky, E-RYT500, 800HR Certified Yoga Therapist

    At 23 I was burnt out, ravaged by debilitating pain and fatigue, struggling with the weight of an invisible illness and what was inevitably the loss of my hoped for future. When yoga found me it gently picked me up, lovingly put me back together, and gracefully showed me how to share what I had found. My desire to know more led me to Kripalu’s School of Integrative Yoga Therapy (overseen by IAYT) where I learned exactly why yoga works, where current research supports ancient practices, how to choose and apply specific techniques based on an individual’s strengths, needs, and goals, and ultimately how to develop in others the capacity to know and support themselves deeply on their journey through life. I infuse my love of nature, science, athletics, and spirit into playful, open hearted explorations, the goal always being to lovingly guide you home to yourself.

    Kim Wilk, RYT200

    Yoga began for me as a way to stretch and recover from marathons and triathlons but I quickly realized yoga offered me so much more. I have always been a very driven and motivated athlete who pushed myself to my limits and beyond and never gave myself the chance to relax or recover from a race or training. What I find in yoga is it allows us all the chance to be powerful and calm, dynamic and peaceful, and strong yet gentle. I strive to bring these qualities into my classes to open pathways for healing and balance in your practice and life.

  • S C H E D U L E

    Classes are steeped in the traditions of yoga and brought forth from a place of now.

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    Includes all memberships perks.


    *We offer a sliding scale discount (between 10-30%) to BI&POC in a commitment to reparations and to support diversity, inclusion, and change in the world.

  • T E S T I M O N I A L S

    "From the first class I ever took from Brooke, it was apparent that she was a gifted teacher. Her approach to the practice is both deeply spiritual, physically challenging and creative in transitions, always leading to a beautiful flow."


    "Liz's enthusiasm is contagious. She is authentic, transparent, and real - a jewel of a teacher. Learning from her is enlightening and powerful."

    Mary J.

    "I appreciate Stephanie's calm confidence and power that leads each class. Stephanie helps me to deepen my focus and strengthen my practice. Her classes always leave me feeling revitalized."


    "Bridget brings so much love and positivity! The practice offered is always full of props, modifications and freedom to listen to what your body needs that day. The words of wisdom for self love, inner peace and gratitude always leaves me feeling whole and happy in my body and mind."


    "I love Larissa's classes! She is a joy to learn from and always challenges and supports me trying new things!"

    Nicole D. 

  • P R I V A T E | C L A S S E S

    Private classes give us an opportunity to understand and address all of you. Are you looking for ease in your body and mind? Strength in your physical being? A deeper understanding of postures? Private classes can be individual or small groups up to 4 people. Classes can be held at our studio, online via Zoom, or at your home. $65/hour , $225/4 sessions. *Classes are discounted 15% if via Zoom.

  • H E A L I N G | A R T S

    Reiki and Starprint Readings with Jaimie Edwards, Reiki Master


    Reiki is a form of Universal energy healing that taps into your innate healing, activating your parasympathetic nervous system (rest + digest), and brings awareness to your unconscious energy patterns.



    Your Starprint is a snapshot of the cosmos at the time of your birth. This fixed moment in time has contributed to the making of who you are now and who you are growing into. Readings are unique and in-depth, include Human Design, Numerology, and Astrology, and create a connection to your soul's purpose.


    Email Jaimie at jaimieyogacat@gmail.com to schedule.  

    Yoga Therapy with Heather Kulikowsky, 800HR Certified Yoga Therapist

    Yoga therapy sessions are tailored to the individual with the intention of moving towards set wellness goals. Yoga therapists receive extensive training in scientifically backed yoga practices that soothe the nervous system, nourish the layers of the body, and offset common complaints of aging. Sessions are in-depth explorations that incorporate all aspects of life to help facilitate healing. Clients receive practices that may help manage symptoms of health challenges, ultimately becoming the lead in their own health and healing journey.


    Yoga therapy sessions include, when indicated for, education, breathwork, gentle movements to increase strength or preserve range of motion, mudras, yoga nidra, guided meditation, body scans, and reflecting all within a therapeutic relationship and setting. Click here for a more detailed description of the difference between a private yoga class and yoga therapy.


    Please note: Yoga therapists do not diagnose or treat diseases. Yoga therapy is intended to support natural frameworks of health through personal assessment, developed wellness goals, lifestyle management, and therapeutic yoga tools.


    Email Heather at heatherkulikowsky@gmail.com to schedule.

  • R E T R E A T S


    Fall Retreat with LBY

    November 11th-14th, 2021

     Join us in the woods for community, connection, singing your soul free, and the healing power of nature.  

    *This retreat is full, please email us to be added to the waitlist.
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